Intelligence Operations of the Offensive and Espionage in Naval Warfare of World War I

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With the onset of WWI came advancements in several facets of warfare. With new advancements came new opportunities for schemers to flex their muscles in the world of espionage and offensive action. This research will focus on the relevant intelligence operations of the offensive and espionage in naval warfare of WWI. It will concentrate primarily on the German and British naval initiatives, but will not overlook those of Russia, France, and the United States. Any and all conjectures made throughout will be made with the consideration of a given party’s incentives to misrepresent as well as the anticipated payoffs ascribed with each initiated action. The First World War produced a vast increase in the flow of diplomatic as well as military…show more content…
However, he had already done so the previous day. The goal of these initiatives was usually to attack enemy ships and/or submarines. At the beginning of the Great War, the German Empire had warships dotting the seas. Many of these cruisers were utilized in the attacks on Allied merchant ships and submarines. The British Royal Navy continually responded by hunting them down. Figure A “During 1917 the following successful attacks on enemy submarines by British Submarines have taken palce:- March 9th G.13 North on Mukle Flugga April 5th C.7 Off Schouwen Bank (Flanders Flotilla) May 12th D.7 Off N. of Ireland September 12th D.7 Off N. of Ireland However, this was an exercise in futility, as it became a systematic venture in failing to protect Allied shipments. For instance, the German detached light cruiser SMS Emden, one of the two Dresden class light cruisers, seized or destroyed fifteen merchantmen and also sunk a Russian cruiser and a French destroyer at the Battle of Penang. In response to such hostile actions, Britain instituted a naval blockade on Germany. The initiative proved affective, cutting off logistical shipments to military and civilian consumers. However, this blockade violated accepted international law codified by several
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