Intelligence Quotient Test Is A Successful Development Created By French Psychologist Alfred Binet

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Intelligence Quotient test is a successful development created by French Psychologist Alfred Binet. The development of the test was made in response to a French public school that wanted a method to calculate an individual’s academic achievement. Binet’s test composed a two hour individual standardized assessment that marks the skills of knowledge and scores measured by the child’s mental age, nonetheless the questions in the Binet-Simon test were leveled in difficulty according to age. (Intelligence Tests) Intelligence Quotient tests is not a test that measures intelligence, rather a test that figures out one’s capacity for intelligence. In explanation, an IQ Test is a method to focus on cognitive skills that produce an IQ score; the…show more content…
Alfred Binet has developed the standardized test to identify learning disabled Parisian children in the 1900s. If it possible to identify those of special needs then, it should hold responsibility today to use this test to zoom in on the actual needs on the academic success of an individual. For example, the scores of an individual can configure the placement of a child. The scores, for example can trigger one’s learning disability or another’s gifted brain. Also, a score of one hundred and thirty indicates exceptional intelligence, and a score below seventy translates into mental retardation. The average score one will strike range from eighty five to one hundred. (“The Advantages of IQ Test.”) These scores are beneficial in finding the special needs of a child. To illustrate, a child’s low score can signal the child’s intake of different instructions. A child may also exceed in some skills-like math or English- but lack in other skills hinting the likelihood of a slow learner. Gifted children, who may score well, can receive special instructions or different placement in classes. ("Knowing Your IQ Is Important.") Scientists have also used the Intelligence Quotient test to study the human behavior of an individual. How the individual takes the test benefits the educators in “tailoring their teachings to benefit the child’s need.” (“The Advantages of IQ Tests.”) Also, many schools partake in
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