Intelligence Styles Effect Collaboration

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During my college life on campus in my major, I normally get a lot of group assignment to complete. In my second semester, I have been engaged with some hard working group members who willing to achieve their goals. In this case, all of us were on the same pace to complete the assignment and get it done on time to the best of our ability. In my communication class called editing and film, One of the projects was to film some athletes performing and write an article about the sport. There were five members in my group and we all work together and each individual gets a sign task to do and complete it without an issue. We get one week to perform the task and the follow Monday we would have to present it to the class, we have complete the work on time because we all work hard together as a team to get the job done…show more content…
Meaning as a group you would have to work together as a team follows up with group meetings in order to know what will be the next step towards the project. However when each member of the group aware of what to be done and which part of the assignment they are going to do. In order for us to have an Effective communication, each member of the group have to play their pay and do their job and communicate if they have the question in order for an effect collaboration. different learning and intelligence styles effect collaboration may cause a problem and allow us not to obtain our full grade for example if a member of the group didn't follow the rules, comes to the group meetings giving bad attitude toward the work we wouldn't have an effective communication therefore as a group effect collaboration would not meet.

A key take away from this topic would be effective communication is very important. Reason without effective communication you will be misled and misunderstood a concept, therefore, you will not accomplish a given g task
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