Essay on Intelligence Tests Today

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The definition of intelligence is simple; it is an individual's capacity to learn, reason, and solve problems. What is complex is how we measure that capacity and use that measurement. One of the original uses of intelligence testing in the early 1900s was to separate or segregate those individuals who were deemed of low intelligence. Provide a brief history of intelligence testing and how it is currently utilized. Choose one of the intelligence tests described in your course readings and research the Internet for more information on the test. Report your findings. Based on your research, do you recommend using the test? Why? Justify your answers with appropriate reasoning and research from your textbook and course readings. Comment on…show more content…
The scale was made up of thirty tasks each getting harder as the test continued. The easiest of these tasked be could be accomplished by all children, even those who were severely retarded. Some of the simplest tasked assessed whether or not a child could follow a lit match with his eyes or shake hands with the examiner. Slightly harder part of the test required children to point to different body parts name them, repeat back a series of 3 numbers, repeat simple sentences, and to define words like car, spoon or dad. More difficult test items required children to identify the difference between pairs of things, recreate drawings from memory or to construct sentences from three given words such as "Paris, river and fortune." The hardest test items included asking children to repeat back 7 random numbers find three rhymes for the French word obéisance and to answer questions such as "My neighbor has been receiving strange visitors. He has received in turn a doctor, a lawyer, and then a priest. What is taking place?" (Fancher, 1985). Based on my research I would not recommend using this test today without some modifications. This test was created in early 1900’s when educational training was different. With the knowledge we have today in the 21st century I would think that the test would need to be modified to fit our educational standards. Overall the testing methods
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