Intelligence Versus Education:The Effects Of Intelligence

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Intelligence Versus Education: The Effects of Intelligence Test Scores on Student Learning
A common explanation of intelligence includes “the importance of learning from experience” and being able to “adapt to the environment.” Later the “importance of people’s understanding and control of their own thinking processes” was added along with the other two to attempt to measure intelligence itself (Williams, 1996). When measuring intelligence, there are two extreme sides that take up about four percent of the population according to the normal distribution of intelligence, one being intellectual disability and the other being giftedness. The other 96 percent of the population fall in the average intelligence (Weiten, 2013).
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Instead of measuring what a person is capable of learning, intelligence tests measure what a person has learned previously which may cause some controversy as to how valid they are when it comes to learning in school. This affects students as they learn because based on their IQ scores, students could be treated differently by their teachers or anyone in the school system whether its intentional or unintentional.
Students who end up on the intellectually disabled side of the spectrum of intelligence have “subnormal general mental ability accompanied by deficiencies in adaptive skills, originating before age 18” (Weiten, 2013). Based on the category, if a child is considered “intellectually disabled,” then they will need to go through special education classes for school to meet any needs that a child may have. Some children are also said to have learning disabilities when they have lower intelligences which are “manifested by significant difficulties in the acquisition and use of listening, speaking, reading, writing, reasoning, or mathematical abilities” (Gunderson & Siegel, 2001). According to Gunderson and Siegel, the use of intelligence tests may not be very reliable when it comes to whether a child has a learning disability or not. They believe that some children who are identified as having a learning disability should not be, therefore making it harder on
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