Intelligence and Cultural Affects Essay

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Intelligence and How Cultures Affect Perceptions of Intelligence

In this essay, I will describe my personal definition of intelligence and explain how my cultural frames of reference influence my definition. I will compare my cultural frames of reference for intelligence with another culture’s frames of reference for intelligence. I will analyze the two online intelligence tests in terms of their appropriateness for use with people in all cultures. Last, I will explain why I believe family and environmental factors have a great influence on intelligence. Everyone has their own unique perception of what intelligence means. Our textbook described intelligence “as a set of mental abilities; the
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We grow gardens, raise cattle, hunt wildlife, and fish. These are major influences on my culture and play a part in my perception of intelligence. Other than geology and agriculture, common sense is part of my view of intelligence. Common sense allows us to function in the everyday world. If a stove eye is red, do not touch it. If you hold a knife by the blade, it can cut you. You can get run over by a speeding car if you walk out in front of it. If you stand too close to the edge, you can slip and fall down. Common sense is our survival mechanism, and knowledge of survival is an important factor of intelligence. If you compare my culture’s perception of intelligence to another culture’s perception, you will see they are similar and different. My “rural” culture and “urban” cultures associate problem-solving with intelligence. In my culture, we feel someone that can solve their problem of hunger by growing their own vegetables is intelligent. In “urban” cultures, they view a financial advisor’s ability to find the solution to people’s financial problems as intelligent. But, on the other hand, my culture has a broader view of intelligence. We feel that every class has intelligent people, whether it is high, middle, or low class. “Urban” cultures view the high class people as smart, and they feel the low class has lower IQs. They believe that people are considered more intelligent if they
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