Intelligent Design Argumentative Analysis

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The idea of the intelligent design, which is the main subject in all assigned articles, presents our world as a product of the action of a higher, superior Being. This religious and somewhat creative outlook on life differs from the general idea of evolution which states that life is all related and has ascended from a common ancestor. These articles present views that support the notion of the intelligent design and challenge the universally common theory of Darwin’s evolution. In the Philosophical Defense of the Theory of Intelligent Design, Mayer attempts to explain the complexity world by claiming that all the living beings, and creations that people encounter on a regular basis have been designed by some superior Being.
Although the article does not state that Being has to be necessarily God, it does however state that there must be some more intelligent force who designed the whole universe the way it is. The followers of the Theory of Intelligent Design, including
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Why do humans have higher intelligence than animals? Why do animals have stronger muscle than humans? How come the physics laws are always constant, enabling us to have the society that we do? The idea of Intelligent Design provides the answers to these questions by claiming that there must be a higher, more powerful force who designed the universe, giving humans, trees, and plants appearances that are necessary for their purpose. In essence, Intelligent Design claims that our world is a complex product of a divine Designer who made all aspects of our universe the way He wanted. Although I do not know whether this Being is God or some other special force, I think it is very possible as I do not believe that the complexity of our universe has been created through processes like natural selection or
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