Intelligent Design vs. Evolution Essay

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There is a major controversy brewing in the educational field today. Scientist, teachers, professors, and many others are debating where the world and its habitats originally came from. This is the debate of Intelligent Design (ID) and Evolution. The main debating question of many scholars being, "Is the universe self-contained or does it require something beyond itself to explain its existence and internal function?". Intelligent Design is the idea that living creatures on Earth are so complex that, they could not possibly have been created through the natural selection. It is the belief that there must be an ?intelligent designer? that created us all. This creator is usually referenced as God. However, it may also be …show more content…
An evolutionist feels that there are no grounds for proof. However, the Bible should serve as some sort of written proof for the theory of intelligent design. It has been proven that this document has been passed down through many centuries and seems to be eye witness accounts of occurrences during the beginning of creation. Speaking from an Intelligent Design point of view, these theorists believe that the two theories should embrace the other?s belief. According to Dembski, a specialist of the belief on intelligent design, this theory keeps an open mind and it is entirely agnostic on the subject of religion. Dembski hopes to detect either a biblical god or an earlier race of aliens. Either will be acceptable to him. This theory simply states that it is not possible for the universe to implode out of nowhere. This universe had to begin with some sort of creator. In speaking of both articles as a whole, I believe that both theories should be treated with enthusiasm and questioned thoroughly. Neither theory has specific concrete evidence to what actually occurred in the creation of Earth, the universe, and the living organisms in it. Both theories have several great argumentative factors. In my opinion, the bible?s eye witness accounts would be a main source for the theory of intelligent design. Scientific theory plays a major part in the evolutionary theory. Both sides having good reason to doubt the other, the debate
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