Intelligent Traffic Surveillance System Essay

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Abstract- Due to the traffic accidents over the last few years; the development of surveillance systems with multifunctional techniques has received increasing attention. The use of the smart camera is one solution to solve the traffic problems, Smart cameras are cameras that can perform tasks far beyond simply taking photos and recording videos. Intelligent Traffic Surveillance System (ITSS) is used to monitor the roads in preventing accidents at the same time finding what causes the accidents. This is done by implementing some image vision protocols as that of Gaussian and Canny. This paper will discuss about the camera-video-surveillance capabilities of tracking across different and varied road environments including detection of moving…show more content…
Thus, vehicles detection in cluttered environment is an open problem. The major difficulties lie in:

• Vehicles are a non-rigid object. In other words, the shape and size of vehicles vary greatly, and therefore the models of vehicles are much more complex than that of others objects.
• In the case of the clutter background. It does not matter if we are analyzing images from a typical city or from a country traffic environment or highways; the background formed by trees, wire poles, and billboards is much cluttered. Most of these backgrounds can be taken for vehicles, due to their similar shapes.
• Illumination and weather conditions vary greatly. The on-vehicle vision systems must be able to deal with the different illumination conditions [2].

One of the goals is to develop a system that can be used to Monitor the highways and prevent accidents by implementing an algorithm program in OpenCV (Intel® open-source computer vision library), Real time tracking objects will be achieved by using a smart camera which captures the frames and sends the image signals to the main server

The system will be a replacement of human for triggering alarms which if something dangerous has happened or potential horrific scenario (potential accidents) is about to happen. In general this project consists of a smart camera system interconnected with wireless technology for traffic surveillance which
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