Intelligent Transmission And Distribution Of Smart Grid Technology

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Intelligent Transmission & Distribution System in Smart Grid Technology Hrishikesh Ganesh Divekar New Jersey Institute of Technology Abstract: Smart grid technology is the combination of existing electrical architecture i.e power generation, switchgear, power systems and digital technologies which provides smart, efficient, reliable and cost effective ways to distribute electricity. It makes optimal use of power by monitoring, analysis, control, and provides flexible distribution to maximize the throughput of the electrical system. The research paper explores the delivery and distribution of power using smart grid technology. As delivery is the important aspect after generation, for efficient transmission of power substation automation, outage restoration and power system analysis plays important role. The paper focuses on distributive approach and its effective ways which will reduce the power leakage, which generally takes place during transmission. It also explains working of various industrial and commercial applications which uses smart grid technology i.e electrical appliances, vehicles running using renewable source. I.INTRODUCTION A smart grid refers to a modernized electricity network that monitors, protects, and optimizes the operation of its interconnected elements .The electrical sector is set to make the changes from a centralized, producer-controlled network to one that is less centralized and more consumer-based. The transformation to a smarter grid

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