Intense Fighting with Japan in World War II, An Outline

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A. Up until the Battle of Midway, the Japanese ruled the seas in the Second World War. This, however, changed when the United States dominated them at the Midway Atoll (Hone, par. 1-3). B. Thesis a) Japan had several objectives and goals that led them to initiate fighting at the islands of Midway (Lambert, par. 5-10). b) Both sides engaged in intense fighting, using all of their available ships and weapons, and many attacks were put into place at the battle (Greenville, p. 304). c) The Battle at Midway had lasting effects, and played a major role in the rest of the war (Hone, par. 3). II. The Japanese had several goals that led them to attempt to take over the Midway Atoll (Lambert, par. 5-10). A. The admiral of the Japanese navy planned on wiping out what was left of the American presence in the seas; this was their main goal (Lambert, par. 6). B. Japan had other goals that led to them attacking, such as hoping to accomplish sole domination over the seas (Trueman, par. 4). Also, the Imperial Navy sought to use this base to their advantage by taking it over from the U.S. (U.S. Navy, par. 1). C. The American forces gained a much needed edge when Japan's signals and commands were cracked by the U.S. ( Staff, par. 2-3). III. The fighting that occurred between the Japanese and American navies was intense, and was ultimately won by the Allies (Greenville, p. 304). A. Fighting truly commenced as the ships from Japan were assaulted by bombs on the
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