Intent of the Framers

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Intent of the Framers In this paper I will describe the original intent of the freedom of speech, freedom of religion, right to privacy, and criminals’ rights. I will explain current views of the provisions of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, right to privacy, and criminals’ rights. I will assess which events and opinions have changed the intent of each of these provisions over time. I will evaluate the effects of Supreme Court decisions related to these provisions and express consideration for the future of these provisions. Freedom of speech is part of the first amendment which states, “You are free to say almost anything except that which is obscene, slanders another person, or has a high probability of inciting…show more content…
The right to privacy did help to take away the sodomy laws from the 13 states that had it. Every person is entitled to their own privacy when it comes with sexuality. The right of privacy is not only pertaining to sex and the issues surrounding it, this also encompasses medical and financial records although the limits have not yet been defined in these areas. The current views of people today are that they have a right to their privacy and with identity theft today it is very important to us. It is one of the most important factors to us today is our privacy, people find their medical histories are private and need not be shared with the general public as in the same case when it comes to financial records. This is the most moral of the dilemmas that may be encountered when laws are violated. An example is a drug history in a person’s medical history need not be shared with someone just because it is in their file; this is why there is patient and doctor confidentiality. In the current state of the country, people value their privacy as one of the most important aspects of their life and feel that it does not need to be shared with everyone or anyone. I am sure celebrities which they had a lot more privacy than they do, however they are destined to have people follow them for a piece of the action… this a violation of their right to privacy? Can they sue someone for not
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