Intentional and Unintentional Injuries

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When intelligent people read, they ask themselves a simple question: What do I plan to do with this information?” (Holiday, 2012.) Questions like this are reasons that there are different modes of expressing material. When authors publish a book, they always know that there is that chance of a movie being made, most of them hope for this. Modes are different ways for people to get information from other, more uninteresting modes or genres. So referring back to Holiday’s question pertaining to what one plans to do with information gained from reading, our group showed one way to answer this question by creating a paper and a video to accompany it. By making a video, we made a visual representation of our paper. This was a way to better interact with more audiences, audiences who would not enjoy reading a paper. I believe creating a video was a good way to express the video game portion of our paper. If given more time, we could have showed what the games looked like, or if more time was planned with our group, we would have been able to show how the games were actually used in classrooms that use them for educational reasons. The modes are the same yet very different. They are the same in that they both discuss the video games uses, therefore discussing positives and negatives pertaining to educational means. However, they are different by two means. The one, more obvious differentiation, is that one is a paper, while the other is a video. The paper gives you a mental

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