Intently Reuven Summary

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Repeatedly throughout the book we see Mr. Malter earnestly advising Reuven to befriend Danny. Once they are friends, he is persistent in making sure that Reuven is there for him, and supports Danny. Mr. Malter was not only aware of Danny's brilliant mind, but he understood his anxiousness to leave Hasidism. This desire was not stemmed from bitterness, although that by no means would have been unwarranted. However, Danny's desire was driven by him not wanting to be tzaddik, but to be a psychologist. There is a scene in the book where Reuven watches a fly caught in a spider's web. Intently Reuven observes as the fly struggles to escape the web, before the spider can make it's way to it. Reuven blows at the fly, attempting to help free him from
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