Inter Culturalism, Race, And Gender Identity

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Throughout the last few weeks we were talking about inter-culturalism, race, and gender identity. We have had multiple people and discussions about these topics. I have read many articles, heard speakers, and been taught a lot about these topics, but there is always something new that I can learn and always another perspective on the topics. These are topics that have been in the news and talked about a lot in the past few years, especially gender identity.
Interculturalism is something, as teachers, we are trying to make normal. Teachers are trying to prepare students for conversations between cultures and making the terminology a “normal” part of their life. Throughout the years, there has not been a lot of communication between cultures. It has been something that people tip toe around. Irving talks about teaching students the language they need to support conversations between cultures. She gives an example of a class having a skin color project. The students did not refer to other students as black or white but rather the recipe they used to make their skin color (Irving, 2014, pg. 237). I think that is such a great idea. It gets kids to see that there is more than just the color of their skin and that between different cultures and races is okay. Irving also talked about her experience role playing in the classroom related to racism. “Wait a minute, I remember thinking. These conversations aren’t aggressive.(Irving, 2014, pg. 239). So many times, peoples’ first
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