Inter Ethnic Conflict And Ethnic Conflicts

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Underlying Causes of Inter-Ethnic Conflict in Samburu County, Kenya

Inter-ethnic conflict is one of the major problems facing most Kenya community and mostly the nomadic communities. Inter-ethnic conflicts involving pastoralists have become widespread and increasingly severe in the northern region of Kenya. Conflict has often resulted in severe disruption of social and economic development. It has also constrained efforts to reduce or end poverty and sustain basic human rights. There has been a recurrence of violence where peace agreements have been sealed and an escalation of violence where conflicts have hitherto been latent.
Several facts have been advanced to explain the main causes of inter-ethnic conflicts between most nomadic tribes. Most of these issues revolve around livestock ownership and to get access to scarce natural resources such as water. Although the pastoral conflicts have deep roots in history, culture and are generally attributed to their retrogressive and outdated practices, there is more to their current nature and dynamics. In recent years it is mainly due to the proliferation of modern small arms, banditry and predation, commercialization of livestock raiding, dispute over land tenure rights. According to many authors, the cattle raiding which is a cultural practice has become a widespread, sophisticated, more violent, and destructive among pastoral communities in northern Kenya (Kumssa, 2009; Leff, 2009; Mahmoud, 2011; Mkutu, 2008;…

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