Inter-Professional Collaboration Analysis

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1.) Inter-professional collaboration, among the various healthcare professions, can lead to more effective communication regarding the patient’s wants and needs, and the most efficient solution to attaining those needs. Appropriate medication management is just one of the many areas, we can work together to improve for the overall health and wellness of our patients. Effective communication, and advanced scheduling among nurses, therapists, and pharmacists can improve overall patient care by working together to determine the appropriate medication type, and dosage for each patient, enabling them to participate more during therapy sessions, and consequently; impacting their overall performance and goal attainment. Furthermore, the patient would be looking at a…show more content…
These standards of practice consist of four sections: Practice domains, code of professional conduct, supervision, and documentation. The practice domains establish the expectations of the occupational therapists when providing services to clients. The code of conduct contains nine principles related to the accuracy and truthfulness of information provided, the compliance with state and federal laws governing the practice, the expected behavior of the practitioners, as well as adherence to HIPAA standards, regarding the sharing of our client’s personal information. The purpose of the supervision section is to protect public health and welfare as it relates to the delivery of occupational therapy services. Finally, practitioners should be aware of documentation policies established within state, and federal guidelines to justify services billed. These standards serve as the baseline, used by all occupational therapy practitioners, for providing the highest quality care to our
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