- Interact-Customize Model Adapted From Peppers And Rogers 2004)

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igure Identify-Differentiate-Interact-Customize Model Adapted from Peppers & Rogers (2004)
The theory was developed by Peppers and Rogers (2004). According to this theory, organizations should take the four actions: identify, differentiate, interact and customize, in order to build closer one-to-one relationships with customers. The organizations identify who their customers are and build a deep understanding of them. Information such as name, address and purchase information must be collected across the company, at all points of contact (Ling, 2017). It may seem simple and obvious for a firm to gather information; however, many times the information is spread out between departments and not organized in such a way that information can
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This theory provides a basis for hotels to use technology infrastructure to identify, differentiate, interact and customize their services to customers to enhance customer loyalty. Thus, this theory is suited to best explain the role of the independent variables (technology infrastructure, Service quality, personalization of services and customer orientation) on the dependent variable Customer…show more content…
After the organization has acquired and retained customers, it will go on to understand the needs and wants of its customers and then differentiate the required products and services on offer respectively. The model acts as a research tool or a facilitator of effective customization as the organization is capable of knowing what constitutes its customers’ needs and wants. This will reduce the costs associated with mass
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