Interaction Between Hooters Girls And Male Customers

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For my empirical essay I decided to observe the interaction between Hooters girls and male customers in order to examine how gender is socially constructed and how this place itself lead to gender inequality at a Hooters restaurant located in Santa Monica. For this purpose, I will describe the servers and their male customers based on their ethnicity, class, and race, in order to demonstrate how theses features connect with gender and how they shape the way people interact in a social situation. In this paper, I want to illustrate that Hooters hold itself as a family restaurant, however, the fact that majority of men visited a Hooters because Hooters restaurant is selling women’s physical and sexualize body as desirable objects to be looked by the male gaze and these women played the traditional gender roles by serving food to men while they dress on scandalous clothes in male dominated place. Moreover, Hooters girls need to perform gender in order to carry out their job and these women were expected to engage in different tasks based on their biological sex in which leads to the relationship of power and authority between men and women. There were an accomplishment of gender in terms of masculinity and femininity, and intersectionality in Hooters. Furthermore, not only the fact that these women should engage in certain strategy to avoid perceived threat in male dominated place but also the fact that men control the space because women being commodities as sexual object.

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