Interaction Design for Elderly

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MASTERS OF SCIENCE IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (CS770) FACULTY OF COMPUTER & MATHEMATICAL SCIENCE SYS705 ADVANCED INTERACTION DESIGN Prepared for : Puan Rogayah Abdul Majid Prepared by : Sharifah Nadia Syed Khastudin Student Id : 2011343811 Date : 29th September 2012 Senior-Friendly Technologies Interaction Design for Senior Users Henry Been-Lirn Duh (Author 1), Ellen Yi-Luen Do (Author 2), Mark Billinghurts (Author 3), Francis Quek ( Author 4) and Vivian Chen Hsueh-Hua ( Author 5) Sharifah Nadia BT Syed Khastudin: Faculty of Computer and Mathematical Sciences, Abstract Interaction design in Human Computer Interaction means to produce a product that can support…show more content…
Mobile phones are promising gear to develop the class of life for the elderly. This effort presents an assessment of the status of mobile functionalities and applications that can suit the necessities and desires of elder people and enhance their quality of life. This study of the state of the ability enables us to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the existing systems as well as to invent trends and promising future lines of the study. This will outlines some needs that should be met to elevate the value of research in this area. This effort provides a foundation for researchers, designers, and mobile phone service providers to consider about the presented needs of the elderly, the increasing trends in the ground and the opportunities that mobile applications offer to improve the excellence of life to the elderly and to support a organized and wide-ranging society .[4] Data gathering on what the elderly good and bad at is very important during the development process of the application. Definitely the elderly will be much energized to involve during the analysis stage until the design stage. And most probably the testing stage will be run smoothly with less problems occur during the testing. While the quality of life that need to be considered on the elderly is in the form of motivation. They need to fulfill their empty space with things that can make their day as fun as the applications is all about. The purpose of the digital games which is the
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