Interaction of American Laws with International Law

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UCC and International Law Because the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) generally regulates commerce or trade on a national basis, one may not realize that it also has an impact on international commerce. However, this assumption would ignore the critical role that American laws and policies play in the arena of international trade. These roles are both formal and informal. In other words, American law has direct and indirect effects on international commerce. In order to understand the impact of the UCC on international commerce, it is critical to understand how American law interacts with international law. First, the UCC impacts the international legal environment in a number of indirect ways. Keeping in mind that the United States remains a world leader in business, it is reasonable to assume that U.S. based attorneys and business personal are responsible for drafting a number of international business agreements. Moreover, because these people drafting the documents are accustomed to the provisions of the UCC, it is natural that elements of the UCC would be incorporated in international business documents. This is especially true if the other parties to the business transaction do not object to inclusion of UCC provisions in their documents. In fact, the UCC specifically addresses the fact that its provisions can be applicable to foreign agreements if the parties to the agreements agree on its applicability. However, the UCC also impacts foreign agreements in
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