Interactions Between Native Americans And English Essay

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Interactions Between Native Americans and English in The Seventeenth Century In the early seventeenth century, King James I gave authority to the Virginia Company to colonize North America . The Virginia Company had two branches, the London and the Plymouth Companies. In 1607 each company deployed ships with colonists bound for America. These first settlements laid the initial long-term groundwork for the Native American and English interaction. The English had to rely on the first hand experiences of the early settlers with the Native Americans to determine how to proceed with these foreign people. The accounts of the early settlers portrayed the Native Americans to be barbaric, uncivilized, and a cruel people. This paper will analyze three personal interpretations of interactions with Native Americans ranging from 1612 to 1624. In the personal account of William Strachey, he details his observations of the native peoples in 1612. He starts his writing with “A True Description of the People” to show what is read is to be presumed as certainty. Strachey writes with extreme description to paint a visual picture to his fellow Englishmen about the savage and inferior Native Americans. When he is describing the clothing of the natives he says “they are sometimes covered with the skins of wild beasts” . This passage can be interpreted that natives were slaughtering wild beasts and wearing their bloody skin around. This extreme description is to bear as a warning for his fellow
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