Interactions Between Trade And Environment

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Executive Summary This paper aims to analyze the interactions between trade and environment based on empirical studies and policy instruments by providing comprehensive background information on international trade and environment. Different opinions and perspectives are presented to support the goal of this paper, which is to draw implications on how trade and environment interacts, and the impacts of trade on environment. Introduction Trade liberalization and economic globalization trends are becoming more prevalent. As environmental protection is moving towards institutionalization and legalization, and penetrates into the rules and policies of international trade among countries, conflicts between their interactions increase prominently. Seeking the balance between them is important to sustainable development of both free trade and environment. This memo aims to analyze the interaction between international trade and environment to draw implications on the coexistence of synchronous development. The background introduction discusses the current situation of international trade, and briefly describes the interaction between environment and international trade. The second part mainly analyzes their connections and mutual influence by providing specific examples. The last part is the conclusion combined all the information to make explicit implications. Background • International trade status quos According to the definition of international trade, it is
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