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On Tuesday October 4th, I got the opportunity to conduct my first-ever interactive read aloud. Even though having done a read aloud before, this was the first time with an activity, so it made me more nervous then normal. By conducting the read aloud helped me because I was able to identify certain areas that I need to improve in, and areas of my successes. I taught the interactive read aloud to two groups of students, first being advanced learners and second being proficient learners. Each group had four students, with one group consisting of all girls and the other all boys. This lesson was conducted at the teacher table, so I would have sufficient amount of space. The teacher at this time was administering nine-week exams at one of the…show more content…
The reason I conclude this is because I was unable to read the book in less than ten minutes with emotion. Though I manipulated the ‘I do, we do, you do’ strategy, I was incapable of properly using the strategy. Because I have never utilized the ‘I do, we do, you do’ strategy, it was challenging to carry out. What I think would benefit me for future read aloud lessons would be to create my own detailed lesson plan. Also, for future read aloud lessons, I must practice at least a week in advance before I teach, because the time frame in which I had to get prepared was…show more content…
The reason I conclude this is because the first group gave me their undivided attention. All the students in the first group were very interested in the book, maybe because of the tone in which the book was read. The second group however, had a student that seemed uninterested during the reading and the activity. I had to pause the reading periodically to get the student to pay attention. During the activity the student would not answer questions that I asked the whole group. The student also looked at another students work when all the students were instructed to complete their activity. Trying to get this student to get involved with the reading and the activity was very difficult. For students similar to this student, I would select a book of his/her interest in my future teaching. Overall, the read aloud lesson was a great experience in which I learned many aspects about myself. I believe that conducting more read aloud lessons would help me improve in tone and fluency for reading. Also, in my opinion, an interactive read aloud is a great way to assess students’ knowledge of the central message of a book. I will use the interactive read aloud lesson in my future classroom ever change I get to help my students be
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