Interactive Read Aloud Reflective Report

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Throughout the Interactive Read Aloud Lesson, the most significant strength would be guiding the students’ focus for the day. Before reading the story, I asked the students specific questions, which related to the topic of relationships. Additionally, the lesson allowed the students to remain interested and engaged throughout the story. The students were reading along with me, which shows me that the students were following along and paying attention. I find it significant that the students have a fun time while learning and I think that altogether, the students truly enjoyed the lesson. Overall, I believe that I did a decent job multi-tasking with reading the story, keeping the students on task and thinking of questions to ask the students.…show more content…
Specifically, I will stop the reading the story to remind the students of the expectations and consequences of not paying attention to the story, instead of continuing the story with the students being distracted. Additionally, I will inform the students that they must raise their hand to answer my questions in order to prevent students from causing distractions. I will ask the students to follow this rule throughout the story to remain consistent. In the future, I will prevent side conversations by keeping the lesson streamlined. This adjustment will allow students to stay on task and focus on the story. If I have challenging vocabulary words to discuss with the students, I will make sure to use the vocabulary words in a sentence before asking the students for the definition. The students will be more likely to understand the vocabulary words, which will help them understand the story in the end. At the end of the lesson, I will provide closure by readdressing the topic and theme that was expressed throughout the story. I will make adjustments for my future lesson in order to wrap up what was discussed and conclude the significance of the
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