Interactive Read Alouds : Is There A Common Set Of Implementation Practices?

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The article title “Interactive Read Alouds: Is There a Common Set of Implementation Practices?” is a beneficial tool for teachers. The article encourage teacher to learn different ways to improve their students comprehension through the text which is being read aloud. There are 7 components of an effective interactive Read-Aloud. The following components will help make a strong impact on language and literacy for all students learning new material. The first three components focus on the teacher matching the book with grade they are teaching. The first component is a teacher will chose books to which is appropriate to students’ interest and matches their developmental, emotional, and social level. While the second component is the selection has been previewed and practiced by the teacher. The third component is the teacher establishing a clear purpose for the read-aloud. With all three components, it is important for the teacher to know the material they are reading to the students and to know is it benefitting them. For instance, in the first component it is important for students to have a text that is interested to them, reading a text to a student that is beyond their level of understanding, will not match the students level of development. This will cause the students to lose interest of comprehending and their ability to learn new material. Therefore a teacher must use the second component and preview and practice the selection before introducing it to their
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