Intercalary Chapters In John Steinbeck's Grapes Of Wrath

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When examining John Steinbeck’s, Grapes of Wrath’” he details the story of the Joads an Oklahoma family on their way to California in the midsts of the Dust Bowl. As he discusses their journey towards the american dream he inserts several intercalary chapters that break up the discussion of the Joads and shifts the focus towards the things that symbolizes them. In the novel there are several intercalary chapters that are used to depict the lies and deceit that occurs to the Joads right under their nose.
One intercalary chapter that relates to the message of the whole book is a quote from chapter 12. The quote states, “That rattle – that's tappets. Don't hurt a bit. Tappets can rattle till Jesus comes again without no harm. But that thudding as the car moves along – can't hear that – just kind of feel it. Maybe oil isn't gettin' someplace. Maybe a bearing's startin' to go." Chapter 12 is written from the perspective of Steinbeck. The Joads are on the road to California and the narrator begins talking about California gas stations. Steinbeck says that there are used car salesman who try and get the farmers to buy parts from them and insist to the farmers that they need will need the parts and how their cars are the best in town. In this particular scene a family is listening to the sound of the engine in the car. The author uses a euphemism in this passage when he is speaking as the used car salesman in order to make the travelers believe that the car is better than it is
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