Intercest Investments

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Running head: PROBLEM SOLUTION: INTERSECT INVESTMENTS Problem Solution: Intersect Investments Joshua Shinlever University of Phoenix Problem Solution: Intersect Investments In a tough economy and the time of globalization, organizations that have found that the time for offering minimal products and an impersonal approach is not always the most profitable or successful way to operate. In the scenario of Intersect Investments, the CEO Frank Jeffers at this fictional organization believes that a customer intimacy approach is the logical next step to realize growth targets. As a result, the Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales was replaced as he was not on board with the new vision for Intersect Investments.…show more content…
Shifting from a product based approach to an individual approach necessitates a complete overhaul of the organizations business plan. Stockholders have a right and interest to expect dividends to be high or to at least remain steady. The stockholder in any organization does not want their investment to lose substantial value and is the main interest of shareholders. Customers want and expect quality service and competitive prices. The customer’s interest is that they are offered sound advice, resolutions to investment needs, value for their money and services that are tailored to their individual needs. Problem Statement Intersect Investments will increase customer loyalty and sales by offering a expanded products and treating each account with individual attention. End-State Vision The vision of Intersect Investments is to become a profitable investment firm that has the products and services to gain loyal consumers and the most knowledgeable and dedicated staff available. By offering various services in a trusted and secure manner, Intersect Investments will have the confidence of the stakeholders and become a true competitor. High quality advice and the products and services to meet each customers individual need, is our goal. Alternative Solutions Market development, market penetration, diversification of products and
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