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HBS Case Study : Interco 9-291-033 HBS Case Study : Interco 9-291-033 * Started out as shoe company – been around a long time * •Business has spread to other consumer products / services through acquisitions * •Fairly conservative financially, debt level is relatively low * Interco has moved away from apparel and general retail (went from 59% to 40% of total sales)• * Placed more emphasis on the footwear division. (acquired Converse in 1986)• * Placed much more emphasis on the furniture division (sales rose from 20-33% of Interco’s total sales) Current Scenario * •Cheap imports hurting profitability of U.S. apparel manufacturers * •Retailing industry profits reduced due to drop-off in consumer spending…show more content…
for negligence Interesting side note (footnote 2 of the case): Wasserstein, Perella, & Co. get $1.8 million from Interco for its

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