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InterContinental Hotels Group PLC “We had very ambitious goals for reducing our operational costs. These solutions allowed us to not only meet our financial goals, but significantly and measurably improve our end-user satisfaction and service.” Eric Hardaway VP, Applied Technology InterContinental Hotels Group PLC Xerox helps slash operational costs and improve end-user satisfaction for a leading global hospitality group. There’s a new way to look at it. ® Travel & Leisure Case StudyClient Profile InterContinental Hotels Group PLC (IHG) is the world’s most global hotel company and the largest by number of rooms. The Group has more than 3,500 owned, leased, managed, and franchised hotels and…show more content…
They helped us discover solutions we may not have seen on our own.” Eric Hardaway VP, Applied Technology InterContinental Hotels Group PLC T H E P O W E R O F X E R O X LEAN SIX SIGMA Using Lean Six Sigma, Xerox was able to take an “intangible” (like end-user satisfaction) and correlate it to something “tangible” (like fix time). The rigorous methodology helped establish the current state, identify root causes for the high costs, and provided a fact-based business case to justify future investments. As the project moved through its five phases (Define, Measure, Analyze, Implement and Control) of Lean Six Sigma methodology, a rigorous tollgate process after each phase ensured a shared vision, expectations, and metrics among the customer’s IT departments, operations groups, and Xerox.For information on the solutions and services that Xerox can provide, visit The Results The Xerox Global Services team helped streamline IHG’s Helpdesk service, significantly reducing on-site visits and average IT fix times. Plus, with an inclusive upgrade to all their standard operating systems, IHG now incurs lower costs and has improved end-user satisfaction. These solutions have created a predictable environment in which IHG
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