Intercultural Business - Drug Tests in India Essay

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Case Study Intercultural Business im Studiengang
B.A. International Management
Thema: Drug tests in India

I Contents
I Contents II
II List of figures III
III List of abbreviations IV
1 Essential moral standards and norms 1
2 The practical value of economic ethics concepts 3
3 The RADAR concept 5
4 Business activity in India 8
5 Comparison of the cultures 9
6 Preperation for the NGO meeting 14
IV. Bibliography V

II List of figures
Figure 1: Overview of the different business ethics concepts 3
Figure 2: Points of the RADAR concept 5
Figure 3: Comparison of the differen cultural dimensions 9

IV List of abbreviations
BVVB AG Bacteria and Virus Vaccine Biotechnology
CRE Ltd. Clinical Researche …show more content…

They are defining how to combine ethics and profit in different ways and with their consequences.

Figure 1 The different business ethics concepts

Firstly there is the functional business ethics concept. If a company act in agreement with certain known rules and under specific ethical conditions it is allowed to gain the maximum profit. “Ethic” is a “factor or rentability” or a “critical factor of success”. That means: The “investment” in “ethics” in terms of acceptance of current opportunity costs has its foundation in the strategic aim to save long-term profit chances. This concept is not used by the BVVB AG, because they are not acting under specific ethical conditions.
The second concept to focus is the corrective Business ethics concept which implements ethical standards into the daily business. That means companies are acting in their nor-mal economic way but ethics standards always have the priority over profit gaining ac-tions. It is a voluntarily self-limitation of profit maximisation. For the BVVB AG only the profit gaining process matters.
The integrative Business ethic is the permanent process of critical reflexion of business activities. Every possible profit and business success should get the legitimisation of all stakeholders. The consequence is that the company might have to abdicate a

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