Intercultural Communication : A Diverse Area Of America

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Thomas Vogel Professor Massey Intercultural Communication 10:30 6 May 2016 My communal identity is that of the Inland Northwest. The Inland Northwest is a diverse area of America, where both migrants from other countries and migrants from other states settle down to live. Regardless of that, those who grow up here quickly acclimate to the region. My cultural ethnicity is southern. Georgia, to be exact. We do have some numbers in Spokane, shockingly enough. Those who identify an inland northwest ethnicity or co-culture often comment on the slight accent left over from those with Southern ethnicity. Boiled peanuts are generally sorely missed and craved. We also share a mutual love for the South, with its amazing trees and nature and national parks all around. In Inland Northwest culture, there are various gender identities. All the letters of the LGBTQ are thankfully free from any legal persecution. There are many men in the inland northwest nursing, and we hold no ill distinction between tough as nails women and feminine men. There are many people of younger generations in the inland northwest. We have large children and teenager populations. The inland northwest has a thriving college town known as Pullman and thriving colleges all across the community. The youth respect the elders and regularly help them. There has been a large adoption of Mormonism over time and a large influx of new Russian-Americans. Not Russians in America, but Russian-Americans. In the Inland
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