Intercultural Communication And Interpersonal Communication

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Intercultural communication is defined as when people communicate with one another who have different cultures. They may differ because of their languages, beliefs, values, and behavioral characteristics (Bennett, 1998). The intercultural communication plays a key role in globalization. It will help organizations to have a long-term success if they can manage the cultural differences and intercultural cooperation effectively to conflicts. Increasing shared knowledge and dealing with miscommunication are the two main factors for having a successful intercultural communication. However, the difference in discourse systems is the most miscommunication issue that leads individuals to misunderstand and misinterpret to the contents or messages…show more content…
These people need to be willing to realize the signifiers such as sounds, gestures, tones, and so on. This level also includes the basic concept of cultural diversities such as bias, ethnocentricity, and stereotype. The second level is organizing information according to stereotypes. This level is about to accept the stereotypical characteristics of new cultures. The new cultures that they face will bring them to get used to it. However, it can cause a stereotype to happen in the culture. One culture might think that all people are same in that culture. For instance, when Arabs are speaking, they like to stay close to another person. This will make another believes that all Arabs act like that. It is much more difficult if the stereotypes happen in the intercultural communication. This level has a high possibility for some people to fail at this level. The next level is to pose questions to challenge the stereotypes. They can solve the stereotypes problems by asking specific questions about other cultures. The questions need to relate to attitudes because they can increase their knowledge about other cultures. For example, they can ask how the relationship can be settled. The fourth level of intercultural communication competence learning is analyzing communication episodes. After they understand more about other cultures, they are able to analyze the way to behave and communicate to others. They have more
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