Intercultural Communication And Nonverbal Communication Essay

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Introduction Intercultural communication is a complex concept that encompasses and links to many other theories such as racism and verbal and nonverbal communication. Differing languages can dramatically affect intercultural communication between individuals due to language barriers however, due to some individuals uneducated and ignorant understanding of differing languages, it can also have other, more serious and negative consequences such as racism and discrimination of others. The links between language, intercultural communication and racism will be explored in this essay through an in-depth analysis of these concepts and their relation to our society with examples such as the film ‘This Is England’ (2006) and a brief discussion of the similar racist current events in England, due to the decision for England to leave the United Nations. An in-depth analysis of verbal and nonverbal communication and its relation to intercultural communication and a personal experience of this will also be explored. Theoretical discussion Language, intercultural communication and racism are ultimately connected due to the fact that some individuals believe that just because someone speaks a different language, they are inferior. Racism is an issue that has been embedded in our society for years and is a problem that many minorities or migrants face when relocating to new countries. Due to their differences in language and culture, it is harder for them to re-assimilate into a newly
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