Intercultural Communication As A Form Of Communication Between Individuals Or Groups Of Different Languages And Cultural Origins

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Intercultural communication can be defined as a form of communication between individuals or groups of different languages and cultural origins (Lanqua 2015). This review will summarize Scollon, R, Scollon, S; & Jones, R.H. (2011) and briefly detail two other readings, one by Blommaert, J (2013) and another by Vertovec, S. (2010). The first reading, details multiple ways culture can be defined and how others can interpret communication. The second reading outlines the challenges, which is presented by “Superdiversity” with an understanding of citizenship. Lastly the final reading summarizes and outlines the changing contexts surrounding multiculturalism and discusses that we may be shifting into a post multiculturalism world.

Whilst constructing this review multiple factors had to be considered, which were:
• Identifying the main points within the article.
• Identify the arguments authors are putting forward if there are any.
• How are the authors defining Intercultural Communications?
• What valid points are being made?
• Are there any ideas being shown and if there is what are they
• And lastly if there are any similarities between each of the readings.

The factors stated above were used to construct the following review of the three readings; these factors will be detailed within the main article and briefly analyzed within the other two.

Intercultural Communication: A discoursed approach by Scollon, R, Scollon, S; & Jones, R.H. (2011) identifies various
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