Intercultural Communication : Communication And Communication

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Jasmin Starr-Mullins
COM 440 W
Final Term Paper
Intercultural Communication
The terms "Culture","Globalization", and "Communication" are terms that we might hear quite often, but what is Intercultural communication? According to the dictionary, Intercultural Communication is often described as the interaction and exchange of communication between people of different cultures. Intercultural Communication dates back to the first interaction of mankind. Edward T. Hall, an American anthropologist was the first to coin the term "Intercultural Communication"and is considered to be the father of Intercultural Communication as well as the developer of proxemics. The study of intercultural Communication coincides with the book "The Silent
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Being multiracial, I grew up quite confused and found it hard to adapt to everyone else around me due to the fact that I was going back and fourth between my parents households which were both very culturally different from one another. I feel that is there was more of an understanding of one another 's culture, as well as communication, the relationship between my parents could have been a lot better and they could have made it easier for me to adapt to the cultural differences that I encountered on a daily basis.
Because communication between two people of different cultures is very challenging, there has been extensive research/studies conducted on this topic. This idea was also very interesting to me because I attended a highly diverse high school, in which we had a Global Studies program where international students were invited to come and learn at our school. The immersion of the different cultures was very difficult to adapt to at first because it was new to a lot of us students who have never attended a school where international students were amongst us in the halls, but as the days went on it became normal to me. Annotated Bibliography communication Between Cultures." Google Books. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 May 2017
This text is a good reference point. This text is used to understanding communication within culture. This source also gave a better understanding
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