Intercultural Communication : Communication And Communication

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The topic that I chose is the Barriers to intercultural communication in the classroom settings ,the reason for picking this is because there are so many interesting ways you can turn this to in this paper .In a way that I am going to focus on the classroom setting of the barriers to intercultural communication between different cultures is a major topic for communication theorists. Today, both cultural and communication has evolved considerably and have become interdependent of one another. Intercultural communication is not new; as long as people from different cultures have encountered one another there has been intercultural communication. Intercultural communication is a symbolic, interpretive, transactional, contextual process in which the degree of difference between people is large and important enough to create dissimilar interpretations and expectations about what is regarded as competent behaviors that should be used to create shared meanings. This paper will deconstruct the term intercultural communication and explain the problems associated with this type of communication. Three main issues surround the problem of intercultural communication: language barriers, cultural diversity, and ethnocentrism in the classroom setting and performance.
The issue with the language barriers in the classroom is that our country Canada is very diverse and multicultural in ways that many people from all over the world come here to learn English and develop their families in a
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