Intercultural Communication : Communication Improvement Plan Progress Report Essay

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Intercultural communication: Communication Improvement Plan Progress Report
CIP Skill: Good intercultural communication ability needs the willingness to accept differences and adapt to them. Intercultural communication also requires an understanding that different cultures have different customs, standards, social mores, and even thought patterns.
Progress Description:
For the past eight weeks, I tried very hard to improve my intercultural communication. Some of the challenges that I faced were asking questions whenever I’m unsure about something. Personally it’s very hard for me to ask questions for some reason I feel uncomfortable. You will never know when people will take your questions as a personal question. I asked one of my classmates about her culture and she got angry and said its personal information. That is the reason I don’t feel very comfortable asking questions. In order to develop good intercultural communication, I have to ask a question to clarify any misunderstanding. In the other hand, I succeed listening and paying attention while I’m communicating with someone who has different culture and backgrounds than me. In the past, I had a difficult time to listen and pay attentions whenever I’m communicating with others. My consultant encourages me to listen very effectively. All The feedback she gave me was very beneficial. I also learned a lot from my consultant.
Goal Evaluation:
Based up on the development I described above I would give myself letter A.

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