Intercultural Communication. Cultural Differences, Power and Ethics

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TIA084, Intercultural Communication Anonymous id: 41842 Intercultural communication. Cultural differences, power and ethics What are ethical norms and how do they differ from other norms? We can for an example talk about ethical norms in communication, than from reading Allwood, we would find that agent hood (give freedom), motivation (do not hurt) and rationality (give correct information) are the main universal ethical norms, or these are the basis of universal needs that we can create ethical norms from. Agent hood; when communicating with others we should give them the freedom to act according to their own will and intention by including this "brainwashing” and many kinds of propaganda are unethical. They are unethical whereas they…show more content…
But now in Iceland the discussion is to prohibit a division of this kind on children to the age of 10. Many people support it and many don´t and have their different reasons. We know that there is a huge difference in these matters between cultures, we have all seen the Olympic gymnastics from Asia and Russia and these extremely trained teenagers, is that ethical? On the other hand the division of qualification of children less than ten years of age, is that ethical? Should a child have to feel that it isn´t good enough at that age. In Sweden it is integrated in the culture that a child should not be estimated by it´s capability, this is to be noticed in the school system, where children don´t get grades until at a sudden age and in sports whereas everyone are equally good and important, the most important is to have fun. (Svenska Fotbollförlaget AB, 2004) But I have the comparison from Iceland to Sweden. I think this is another interesting difference in ethical norms between cultures and very close to my heart right now. Give 3 examples of how power can be associated with social relations in different ways in different cultures. 1. Relations between man and a woman
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