Intercultural Communication : Interaction Between International Students And Japanese Peers

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Introduction: Intercultural Communication refers to the interaction between different cultural communities; the sharing of information across language and cultures is known as intercultural communication. The main aim of this communication is to understand the different culture, tradition and interact accordingly. The intercultural literacy provides understanding and satisfaction in the communication. They are many problems which are faced due to lack of proper intercultural communication.
In an article named English and Intercultural Interaction in the Internationalization of a Japanese University written by Liang Morita examines the interaction between international students and Japanese peers which clearly depicts the cultural difference and lead to the difficulties, frustration among students. [Ref:]
The obstacles which came across in the intercultural communication are due to the unutilization of proper interaction among different cultures and social groups. No matter how much knowledge of intercultural communication one possess the knowledge will be meaningless until utilized in actual interaction.
Lack of intercultural communication leads to the difficulties in aspects of business negotiations, managing conflicts and expressing disagreement. The proper usage of intercultural communication should be maintained for further decision making and growing the business internationally. The goal is to attain
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