Intercultural Communication Interview

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Intercultural Communication Interview Essay

Intercultural Communication can be defined as communication between different cultures or how being from a different culture can affect communication between different people. I was born in Huntington, West Virginia. Except for a few years spent away for college in Lynchburg, Virginia, I have spent my life in West Virginia. I never had the opportunity to travel, expand my horizons, or meet people from different cultures. My small world was all I knew. That changed five years ago.
In 2012 I became a host parent for an elite international basketball program known as Huntington Prep. Huntington Prep is a basketball-focused college preparatory school housed within St. Joseph Central Catholic High School.
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I asked him to tell me about the holidays in Puerto Rico. He told me Puerto Rico celebrates the same holidays as we do since it is a territory of the United States. However, there are two particular holidays in Puerto Rico the United States does not celebrate. One is on June 24th, which is La Noche de San Juan. This is when they celebrate the birth of the patron saint of the island, San Juan Batista (St. John the Baptist). There are parades and parties. It is tradition that at midnight on June 24, Puerto Ricans make a wish and jump backwards in to a body of water; usually the…show more content…
This is when The Three Wise Man, known in Spanish as “Los Reyes”, arrived in Jerusalem to give their gifts to baby Jesus. On this day there is a Three Kings Day Feast and the children receive gifts. On New Year’s Day of the first year Iván was with me, I told him I was going to take the Christmas Tree down. He told me I could not take it down yet. When I asked him to explain, he told me about Three Kings Day and about the huge feast he normally has with his family on that day. Without Iván knowing, I contacted his mother and asked his mother what she would be cooking for the family’s Three King’s Day Feast that year. I went to five different grocery stores between Huntington and Charleston looking for ingredients. I cooked for nearly twelve hours that day. When Iván got home from basketball practice that evening, he and I shared the same Three King’s Day Feast that his family was having that night. Ever since then, I have left my tree up until that day. I also share that piece of culture with the other boys who come live with me. I believe Iván was the perfect person to interview. He grew up in Puerto Rico. He embraces the values his father has instilled in him and the culture of his family. He has also spent a few years in the United States learning and living a new culture. Through my interview with Iván, he was able to answer my
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