Intercultural Communication Is Defined As A Study Of Cultural Differences Essay

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Intercultural communication is defined as the study of cultural differences, which occur within cultural interactions. Certain theories, concepts and models can be studied and applied to these interactions in order to manage these differences (Ting-Toomey, 2012). Using a chosen individual, this essay will explore the cultural exchanges, which the individual has experienced and use appropriate intercultural theoretical concepts in order to show intercultural communication understanding. Culture shock, collectivism, white privilege and ethnorelativism will be analysed and discussed in relation to the individuals’ cultural experiences in order to show the ‘real world’ application and understandings of these concepts. The chosen individual for this essay is Linda Glew. Linda grew up in an urban environment within Hull, Yorkshire, England. Her family was part of the working class. Linda’s parents constantly worked, her mother worked in a hospital as a canteen assistant while her dad worked as a warehouse inventory clerk. She lived in a state house, never had a family car and had very few family holidays. A general expectation within her family was that at the age of fifteen she would leave school in order to go straight into working. Linda decided to stay at school till the age of eighteen and even furthered her education after leaving high school. Values such as honesty, hard work and kindness to people were all a part of her family culture. Linda’s has always been a
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