Intercultural Communication

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HOW TO: CONDUCT BUSINESS WITH THE JAPANESE CHUA, SABRINA MARIELLE S. STUDENT NUMBER: 11701278 INTRODUCTION Intercultural communication is understanding the effective way in communicating between people with different cultural background. Factors such as business etiquettes and cultural differences are critical to be able to achieve a positive outcome in a negotiation. Knowing how to negotiate with the Japanese is essential especially when the person comes from a different background. In this essay, Emily, an australian entrepreneur who wish to expand her business venture in Japan will be advised on gaining a good impression with meeting Mr. Hamasaki, a manager of a popular store. BODY MAKING A GOOD IMPRESSION Japanese are known to be perfectionists, they strive to be at their best especially in business matters. Coming from an Australian culture, Emily needs to be aware that Japanese are unreadable, they tend to make you think what they are thinking. Unlike other culture like australians, they are direct to the point. Punctuality. As mentioned above, Japanese are perfectionists, and being perfect on time is one they’re excellent at. So, Emily was advised that it’s better for her to arrive on their meeting at least 5 minutes before. Because it is 101% sure that Mr. Hamasaki will arrive on the dot. The point is, she needs to be there first before Mr. Hamasaki. Attire. When Emily goes to Japan, she will notice that most of the people
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