Intercultural Communication Paper

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Intercultural Communication Paper
Doris Ingersoll
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Valerie Fuller
April 18, 2012

Intercultural Communication Paper Demonstrate an example of poor intercultural communication that significantly affected international commerce or foreign policy with United States and Mexico. Mexico is a country of intercultural relevance neighboring among the American continent. The United States of America is the traditional believe in a different in tradition. The norms between the two counties are the ethic, language with in intercultural communication.
In the United States there over a 313 million people in the population and it the third largest country in the world. It said the large portion of the
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Native peoples of Mexico from big cities may be more reserved around foreigners (Berry & Maciel, 2000). It is offensive by tossing items is of one hands items directly to another individual. Communications are generally well developed, though numerous rural families do not have telephones in their homes and high-speed internet is available only in large cities. Slower internet service is generally found in smaller cities (-Berry & Maciel, 2000). Some Mexicans have access to internet at home and to mobile phones, but these services remain prohibitively expensive for many. Some of people have the daily newspaper, several broadcasting such as the television stations and radio serve the public. In communication both parties use these devices, mobile phones, the internet, and radio. In the United State most the communication is by cell phone and internet. In Mexico most communication is done directly to another person because many rural families cannot get the internet just large cities (Berry & Maciel, 2000).
The theorist of intercultural communication that could help solve the problem with communication with the United States and Mexico can come from different fields such as psychology, anthropology, and sociology (Chen & Starosta, 2000). It has been numerous theories use to help intercultural communication to primarily focused on the adjustment, adaptation, and research on each country (Huntington, 2005).
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