Intercultural Communication of Pakistan and America

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It discusses intercultural communication between different countries including national cultural variables and individual cultural variables.


Increasing globalization needs more dealings and interaction among people from miscellaneous cultures, beliefs, and personal history than ever before. People no longer live and work in a limited market; they are now important component of an international economy with competition coming from almost every continent. For this reason, organizations requires assortment to become more inventive and open to change. Therefore amplifying and get the most on workplace diversity has become issue for management today. Since supervision diversity remains a momentous organizational challenge, managers must be trained on the managerial skills needed in intercultural work surroundings. Supervisors and managers must be practiced to teach themselves and others inside their organizations to value intercultural differences in both associates and customers so that everyone is treated in respected manner.

Interaction with people from another country is not effortless. Many national and personal variables affect both senders and recipient message. By personal history we mean those viewpoints that can either obstruct or assist effective communication i.e. age , status ,culture, education and language.
Thus every person, every country has its own…
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