Intercultural Competencies Essay

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Intercultural competencies are those knowledge, skills and attitudes that comprise a person's ability to get along with work and learn with people from diverse cultures. One of its kind this master program Master in Global Business have been providing an excellent opportunity to explore and practise the development of intercultural competencies which is necessary in the rapidly changing world not only to work globally but also to become a global citizen. This global business program is helping in developing different dimensions of intercultural competencies, like the cognitive dimension, the affective dimension and the behavioural dimension. In terms of cognitive dimension, it helps in understanding different cultural values, believes, norms…show more content…
With the behavioural dimension, important critical skills can be understood like problem solving skills, people skills appropriate to the culture, self-reliance, creative thinking, analytical skills and behavioural adaptability. These all social skills are quite crucial to handle any intercultural situation and from this global business program we the opportunity to experience and understand all these necessary intercultural competencies.
By speaking more than one language, it enables a person to compete successfully and work collaboratively with associates across the globe by increasing global understanding. MGB program has also offered us an opportunity to learn a new
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As I came from completely different background and different region of the world where each and everything is totally different especially from Canada and France. During my stay in Canada, I manage to understand and adapt Canadian culture by living with Canadian host family and meeting new peoples where I broadened my language skills and cultural knowledge. As a benefit of this amazing and challenging MGB program I had an opportunity to work and collaborate with other nationalities on different projects, with the help of all these different experiences I develop a lot of new skills which I didn’t know I can do and became more flexible to adapt new culture and language. From learning these new foreign language, I have developed more tolerance of ambiguity and I noticed that this high tolerance of ambiguity brings many advantages in my life. It helps me to become less anxious in social interactions as compare to my earlier social interactions and now I am getting more comfortable with this ambiguity. Now I want more social interactions and want to meet new people every day, also now I have more curiosity to learning the French language and other foreign languages so I can explore, understand different culture and meet different peoples. By so far I don’t only start understanding about different cultures but also my understanding about myself and my own culture is increased. As American anthropologist said that
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