Intercultural Factors : Multicultural Challenges

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PRESENT CHALLENGES What intercultural challenges are you currently facing? Currently, I am working for an organization that travels to different schools across the country. Across the country, there are different cultures that I need to become accustomed to, especially since I have lived for most of my life in a city that predominantly had Hispanics. Furthermore, because my family has unfortunately viewed Anglo Americans negatively since they had tragic experiences when they first arrived to the States, I would need to learn to further appreciate and coexist with my Anglo American partner whom I will be traveling with across the States. Namely, I need to understand his cultural values in a greater manner. FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES What multicultural or global opportunities do you want to pursue? First, because I feel that God has called me to preach the Gospel around the globe, I will encounter the different cultures of the globe. Second, I intend to teach the Bible as a university professor, and that would include teaching students of different cultures. YOUR CQ Describe your self-rated CQ scores in your own words. In spite of staying in one town, I am glad that I scored relatively high. Fortunately, my parents and schooling have taught me to be considerate of the other cultures. YOUR STRONGEST CQ CAPABILITY Write down one example of how you have used CQ Knowledge in the last 6 months. Coming to work for this new organization, I met individuals who came from different
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