Intercultural Interview Essay

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For the intercultural interview, I decided to interview my friend Medelyn, a 19 year old female of Honduran and Mexican descent. During the interview, I focused on her Honduran culture, as she was born in Honduras, I asked her a multitude of various questions ranging from formalities in her culture to gender roles to classism in her culture.. The interview lasted about twenty minutes, I asked her about fifteen questions, and after she answered each question there would be a small discussion about her answer. When interviewing Medelyn, it was important to rid myself of any ethnocentrism, assumed cultural similarity or differences, stereotyping, and anything that could create a bias and compromise the interview. I started of the interview…show more content…
Stating that “There is a lot of inequality and everyone has a place in society.” Subsequently, I followed with a question inquiring whether Honduras was more of a masculine or feminine society. Masculine societies tend to focus on competition, strength and dominance, contrarily, feminine societies have a tendency to concentrate on being caring and supportive. Medelyn described Honduras as a place where relationships tended to be more caring, traditional and supportive. My next question was about individualism and whether or not Honduras was more of an individualist or collectivist society. Individualist cultures, as stated in Chapter 3, “Value personal rights and responsibilities, privacy, voicing one’s opinion, freedom, innovation and self expression.”, while collectivities cultures “value community, collaboration, shared interests, harmony, the public good, and avoiding embarrassment.” Medelyn described Honduras as “A place where being loyal to the community is valued and there is shared blame and responsibilities.”, which would mean Honduras is more of a collectivist society, given the description of community being valued rather than individuals, meaning that people care for the welfare of the society. Context was the subject of my next question, figuring out whether Honduras was a low or high context society was what I inquired from Medelyn. “A lot of communication is done by hand signals, body movements,
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