Interdepartmental Communication Paper

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Interdepartmental communication is the communication between different departments in an organization. Each company is set up in specific ways to accomplish their mission and goal, therefore the organizational structure differs for each company. “Organizational structure is the way or methods by which organizational activities are divided, organized and harmonized” (Hadi Shafiee, 2016). The organizational structure determines how information is flow from one level to another within a company. Specific structure is required in an organization in order to have good performance. Organizational structures can either be centralized or decentralized. There are about four different types of organizational structures which are functional structure, divisional structure, matrix structure, line and staff structure and project structure. No matter what organizational structure the company is using, there will be multiple departments and it is important to have an effective communication amongst all departments in order for the operation of the organization to run smoothly. I work for a small company that sells auto parts to automotive stores all over the United States. Based on my observation, I can say that our organizational structure is centralized…show more content…
The top three benefits are it helps diversity, team building, employee morale and help in problem solving. “Effective communication causes productivity to increase, errors to decrease and operations to run smoother”. With the rise of international business, we need to learn to communicate with different cultures without offending them. My company has a sister company in Shanghai China and I work with their accounting department. I mostly communicate with them via email, I always keep my emails short and direct because I am aware of the language barrier. For the three years that I have worked with them I have not run into any significant communication
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