Interdependence Is Mutual Reliance Between Two Or More Groups

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Interdependence is mutual reliance between two or more groups. This concept differs from the reliance in a dependent relationship, where some members are dependent and some are not. Interdependent relationship, participants are emotionally, ecologically and morally reliant on and responsible to each other. There are four levels of interdependence in an organizational structure. The levels are pooled interdependence, sequential interdependence, reciprocal interdependence, and comprehensive interdependence. Pooled interdependence is the lowest form of interdependence resulting in the least amount of conflict. Every separate department contributes to an overall goal; the outputs of each department are then pooled at an organizational level. The success and failure of each department do not affect each other but it does affect the overall success of the company therefore indirectly affecting one another. Pooled interdependence requires standardization in rules and operating procedures. The clothing retail store The Gap is an example of pooled interdependence. Each store acts as its own separate department with its own resources. Sequential interdependence is an asymmetrical chain of one-way interactions. Output of one unit becomes the input for another unit. Individuals in the early part of the chain would stay freer however the general population in the last part of the chain would be very subject to the initial segment. Managing an environment with sequential interdependence
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